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Sparks Northeast


iodatalabs was pleased to launch Sparks North-East, a new competitive event for designers and developers to play with data.

The event took place over a 12 hour period on 8th June, and was hosted by Newcastle's Ignite Loft.

The theme for this event was transport. Data was provided by Tyne and Wear Integrated Transport Authority (TWITA), and prizes were awarded for the most interesting, promising, creative or useful projects.

We intend to run further events. To find out more, you can sign up for the email list, and follow @sparksnortheast on Twitter


  • Team: Sanjeev Pratinidhi, Peter Nelson

    Road damage mapped by colour. Do HGVs or cycle accidents correlate with poor roads?

    Awarded joint-first prize

  • Team: Jose Marcelino

    An idea to changing behaviour in parking; to incentivise particular places with badges or coupons.

  • Team: Joanna Montgomery

    How People Travel To Work An interactive infographic. How do North East regions compare?

    Awarded infographic prize

  • Team: Vicky Teinaki, Dave Hudson, Matt Glover, Alec Berry

    CarToon- Using historical data to predict which car parks have space on particular days and times. More on Vicky Teinaki's blog

    Awarded third prize

  • Team: Jamie Holdroyd and Chris Harvey

    A natural language interface to make searching bus times and stops across a map as simple as possible. Possible extension for voice control and local services/directions.

  • Team: Martin Cunningham

    Traffic accident data placed on a map, with supporting graphs, to help find patterns in times or locations.

  • Team: Alistair MacDonald

    Using Twilio to make a hands-free car park space interrogator. With SMS functionality too.

    Awarded joint-first prize


We had many positive comments about the event, from both participants and our data provider. We'll shortly be collecting some formal feedback.

Again, to find out about the next event, you can sign up for the email list, and follow @sparksnortheast on Twitter


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