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Your data has great potential - we can discover creative ways to visualise, investigate or showcase your city, scientific, or company data

Creative Solutions

We're entering an enlightened time for data, and the field is thriving on inventive, useful tools.

iodatalabs has received awards for our projects, including: Data Crossfader (Manchester City Council Hackathon - Grand prize), GoBoard (TfGM Hackathon - Best use of CitySDK).Lights Out (GMDSP Challenge - Best visualisation).

Both awards included funded development time with the respective organisations.

Building Relationships

We're building brilliant tools- for internal and public visualisations of located data, and for mass, targeted communication of transport information.

If you have an interest in using these, or making the most of your data with a bespoke solution, then please make contact for a friendly chat!


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If you'd like to contact us to chat about something specific - e.g. how your data might benefit from visualisation, or just drop us a line to make general contact, then please do!

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