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Winners - Routes To The Future Innovation Challenge


We took part in the Innovation Challenge this weekend- an overnight hack event to develop on top of data from Manchester's DataGM resource, now featuring data from Transport for Greater Manchester, some live feeds from TfGM, and the CitySDK portal.

Eyebrows were raised at the amount of gear we brought in order to get ourselves installed. More than one person asked if we had a tent amongst our baggage. But our extension lead, external monitor, sleeping bags and toasty slippers helped give us the last, comfortable laugh.

The standard was high- some really nice project ideas, including:

  • Accessible Manchester - An app to collate and present information about accessible transport routes.
  • Who Runs That Bus - A visualisation of which companies run Manchester's bus service spread across the city map and time graphs.
  • While You Were Waiting - A growing collection of stories, located by transport stop.
  • Locus - A stylish geometric schematic map (in the same vein as London Underground's) built from places of interest to you.
  • Pac-Manchester - A small set of Manchester bus routes, collapsed into topographical map to play a 'Pac-Man'-like game on.

We (Ashleigh and James) were pleased to win one of the three top prizes for futher development, the "Best App Created Using the CitySDK API" with GoBoard (working title) - a mobile application to build community around transport stops, using CitySDK alongside a couple of other data sources.

The award included a spot prize of £1,000, a further development bursary of £3,000, and the opportunity to work with some smart people to develop the project idea further.

You can read about our previous Mancherster Hackathon, and winning project, Data Crossfader here. Thankfully (fingers crossed), Ashleigh's car is working well, so we might be able to spend the spot prize on something a little more personally fufilling this time! [*]

[*] Actually, some of it is likely to be spent on a new monitor for James, who punched a grubby hole in the pixel layer of his existing one in transit to the event. It now has a battle scar!

Thanks to TfGM, FutureEverything, CitySDK, volunteers and other partners.

Community Noticeboard - Piccadilly Station

(A 'community noticeboard' - hidden away on Platform 1 of Piccadilly Station, and featuring a lone picture of a steam train - surely we can do better!?)