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DigitalCity Hack


I (James) took part in DigitalCity's first hack event, in Boho One, Middlebrough.

I presented a talk on the Friday evening on my hack experiences, and how to be healthy, happy and efficient - "Happy, Healthy Hackers". Slides were hand-drawn, since I'm trying to #draweveryday.

The hack itself started on the Saturday morning at 10am. Due to a vehicle fire on the A19 and a slow train, I didn't arrive until after noon, but got stuck in to develop a service to "Make online charity donations easy and make sure the donor receives love in return"- codename: Ooh Patron.

I managed to code until 8am, before succumbing to an hour of sleep, with a jumper around my head to block out the light.

Since noone else was brave/foolish enough to contest the charity prize, Ooh Patron won by default- though I'm sure it's got enough of a spark to build it further.

Thanks to DigitalCity Business for hosting the event.