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Sparks Northeast


iodatalabs was pleased to launch Sparks North-East, a new competitive event for designers and developers to play with data.

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Visualisation to Give Science a Step Change


Many of those involved in scientific research are specialists in the collection and statistical analysis of data. Visualisation, as a discipline, is primed to become a powerful tool for individual researchers, and bring significant value to research presentations.

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Hack events - exploring the power of data


This post will answer the following questions: What is a 'Hackathon'? Who gets involved? And what is the value to the ecosystem?

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Winners - Routes To The Future Innovation Challenge


We took part in the Innovation Challenge this weekend- an overnight hack event to develop on top of data from Manchester's DataGM resource, now featuring data from Transport for Greater Manchester, some live feeds from TfGM, and the CitySDK portal.

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Culture Shift Zimbabwe - James' Adventure


iodatalabs' James was invited to help with the British Council's progressive Culture Shift programme- to be a mentor for the first ever event in Zimbabwe.

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