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Sparks Science Collider - Feedback


We collected feedback from our Sparks Science Collider event, and - in the spirit of openness - provide it anonymously here. There's a healthy mix of comments and some conflicting opinions to chew over.

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Sparks Science Collider


io Datalabs ran a 24-hour science hack/creator event in partnership whith Newcastle University, Cancer Research UK, Campus North and Life Science Centre.

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Pack your bag - we're going to a hack!


You're going to a hack event? Great! We've been to/organised a few, and here's our list of things you ought to take...

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UTMC Control Room Sneak Peek!


Two flights of stairs upwards, in an unassuming building on Newcastle University's campus, the Tyne and Wear Urban Traffic Management & Control (UTMC) group occupy a small suite of rooms.

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Sparks NorthEast - Open Data Day 2014

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